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Design is in our everyday lives. Everything we do, provides a new design opportunity. Interacting with like-minded people, learning from them, observing, thinking and creating has taught me to take advantage of these opportunities and become a better designer than most people. Something that separates a good artist from a not so good one is, belief. I have realized that when you believe in your art, enjoy the process, appreciate it, everyone around you will do the same.

Hi, I am the founder of the Interior Design Company, Ishita Sharma Designs which was formed in the year 2018.

Our company primarily focuses on all of the elements mentioned above. Our motto is to bring colour, texture, pattern and flair into homes and bring spaces to life.

I am an Artist and a Space Designer. I believe that everyone is an artist, they just don't know it yet. I had always been confused between my two interests-painting and design. People had always expected me to choose one, but eventually I found a way to combine these interests and take them to a new level through my design company.


I graduated from Srishti School of Art and Design (Bangalore) and then went on to work with The Charcoal Project (Bombay) before I started Ishita Sharma Designs.

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